Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 27, 2015
At Feathercap, we want to bring back that joy of learning and teaching to everyone. We let you teach your team or any size audience through video, audio, images, web pages, Powerpoint, PDF, Word documents or 3rd party learning courses. Transforming any of your content into categorized learning magazines alerting users when new content has arrived as well showing user viewing trends, comprehension and directing your audience to what’s most popular.
This privacy policy describes how we (Feathercap, Inc. and our subsidiaries) collect, use, and share your information whenever you use our Services. Those Services include every way you might interact with us: through our websites, mobile applications, and any of our other online products and services that link to this privacy policy.
We may change this privacy policy from time to time. But when we do, we’ll let you know one way or another. Sometimes, we’ll let you know by revising the date at the top of the privacy policy that’s available on our website. Other times, we may provide you with additional notice (such as adding a statement to our websites’ homepages or sending you a notification). Of course, if you ever have a question about our privacy policy, just visit

Information We Collect

What You Directly Provide Us

For you to create a basic Feathercap account, we need to collect a few important details about you: a unique username you’d like to go by, a password, an email address we can contact you at, a phone number, and your age or date of birth. For additional Services beyond the “3” user / free Feathercap subscription plan, we may ask you for additional information. In connection with Feathercap, we may collect a debit or credit card number or an image of the card, its associated account information, and any other security-related information. We want you, though, to be in control of your information, so we let you update or correct most of the basic Feathercap account information by editing your account settings within Feathercap. For Feathercap, you may delink your payment card information in the Feathercap settings. And while we hope you’ll remain a lifelong Feathercap user, if for some reason you ever want to delete your account, you can always do so within the billing page of Feathercap or see how to do this at our Help Center but keep in mind that we may retain certain information in backup for a limited period of time or as required by law. For more information about how we store and delete the messages you send or receive through Feathercap, please read the “Message Deletion” section a little farther down.
We may, in our sole discretion, refuse to offer the Services to any person or entity. We may, without notice and in our sole discretion, terminate your right to use the Services, or any portion thereof, and block or prevent your future access to and use of the Services or any portion thereof.

What You Automatically Provide Us When You Use Our Services

Because Feathercap is about sharing moments with people, there is some information we collect automatically when you access our Services, which we use to facilitate the broad range of communications offered through our Services, to provide you cool features and functionality, and to enable all the other purposes described in this privacy policy. We explain all this below:
    Usage Information: We collect information about your activity and the messages you send and receive through our Services. For example, we collect information such as the time, date, sender, recipient of a message, the number of messages you exchange with your community, who you exchange messages with the most, and your interactions with messages (such as when you open a message or capture a screenshot). We may collect that same basic information when you use Feathercap, along with the dollar amounts sent and received.
    Content Information: Please check out the “Message Deletion” section in this privacy policy; it gives you more information about the message content we collect, how long we keep it, and how long third parties may have access to it.
    Device Information: We collect information about your device, including the hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers (including MAC address and IMEI), browser type and language, mobile device phone number, and mobile network information. We also collect certain device information that will help us diagnose problems in the (hopefully rare) event you experience any crash or other problem while using our Services. So, for example, if we detect a crash or other problematic event, we may collect the list of apps on your device and other information about your device’s performance at the time of the event for troubleshooting purposes.
    Device Phonebook and Photos: Because Feathercap is all about communicating with your community, we may—with your consent—collect information from your device’s phonebook and photos. We do this so that we can connect you to your friends quickly and intuitively, enhance the Services with additional functionality, and for any other purpose described in this privacy policy. You can always revoke your consent to our ongoing ability to collect information from your device’s phonebook and photos by changing the settings on your device if your device offers that option, or by simply deleting our app from your device (though we hope you’ll never do that).
    Location Information: With your consent, we collect your device location so that you can use our location-based features, such as message filters and Our Stories, and for any other purpose described in this privacy policy. As with your phonebook and photos, you can always revoke your consent by changing the settings or preferences on your device. If you do so, certain features of the Services will no longer function. And, of course, you can revoke your consent by deleting Feathercap from your device.
    Information Collected by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Like most online services, we use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in device memory that store information about your use of the Services, which can, among other things, help us see which areas and features of the Services are popular and let us count visits. Web beacons are small pieces of software on a webpage or email that help us see how you interact with that webpage or email. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove or reject browser cookies. Keep in mind, though, that removing or rejecting cookies could affect the availability and functionality of our Services. To learn more about how third parties use such technologies on our Services, be sure to read the “Analytics and Advertising Services Provided by Others” section of our privacy policy.
    Website Log Information: We collect log file information when you use our websites. That information includes, among other things, your web browser type and language, access times, pages viewed, your IP address, and the website you visited before navigating to our websites.

Information We Collect From Other Sources

If another user allows us to collect information from his or her device phonebook—and you’re one of that user’s contacts—we may combine the information we collect from that user’s phonebook with other information we have collected about you. We may also obtain information from other sources and combine that with the information we collect through Feathercap.
Whenever you have a question for our helpful Support team, just head over to Feathercap Help Center. Of course, when you contact the Support team or communicate with us in any other way, we’ll collect whatever information you volunteer. For instance, if you submit artwork, files, or any other materials to us through our websites, we will collect what you give us.

How We Use Information

What do we do with the information we collect? The short answer is: Provide you with an amazing set of Services that we relentlessly improve. But we do a lot more as well, such as:
    • Provide and deliver the products, services, and functionality that you request, process transactions, and send you related information;
    • Communicate with you. That means just what it says; we may send you marketing communications on behalf of us or other companies; respond to your comments and questions; provide customer service; and send you technical notices, security alerts, and other informational messages;
    • Monitor and analyze trends and usage;
    • Personalize the Services by providing advertisements, content, or features that match user profiles or interests. For instance, when you set up an account we may pre-populate certain account information based on the information we collect about you from other users;
    • Verify your identity and prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity; and
    • Carry out any other purpose for which the information was collected.

Where Information Is Processed

Feathercap is based in the United States. Although we welcome Feathercap users from all over the world, keep in mind that no matter where you live or where you happen to use our Services, you consent to the processing and transfer of information in and to the U.S. and other countries. We want you to know this because the laws of the United States and those of other countries where your information is processed might not be as comprehensive or protective as laws in the country where you live. And while you’re in another country, know that your information may be made available to government or law enforcement requests.

How We Share Information

Here’s the type of information we may share about you with others and how we do so:
    • When you send a message, your recipients will see your username and, of course, whatever your message says or shows (whether that’s a photo, video, text, or transaction). When you view content that another Feathercap user has sent you, we will let the sender know that you saw it, we will try to let the sender know that. If you have any questions about how to do that, go to Help Center. And if you ever want to delete users from your community(s), block specific users, or control who can view your content and learning magazines, we let you do that as well through various settings. For more information on how to manage who can send you Learning Magazines, please go to our Help Center.
    • When other users view your profile, they will be able to view profile information, including your username, “score” (the total number of courses, learning magazines or messages you have sent and received), a list of the users you exchange messages with the most and, depending on your settings, your name.
    • If another user tries to interact with you through a feature that you’re unable to use because you’re too young—say, for instance, you don’t meet the 18+ age requirement for Feathercap—we may tell the user that you’re ineligible to use the feature, so that the user isn’t left wondering why you never responded.
    • We may share information about you with service providers who perform services on our behalf.
    • With respect to jointly offered Services or functionality or services offered separately by other companies through our Services, we may share information about you with business partners to provide the Services and functionality you request and to communicate with you about those Services;
    • We may share information about you in response to legal process or a request for information if we believe disclosure is consistent with, or required by, any applicable law, rule, or regulation; to investigate or remedy potential violations of our user agreements or policies, or to protect the rights, property, and safety of us, our users, or others; or in connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company.
    • We may share information about you with your consent or at your direction, or as otherwise provided in this privacy policy.
We may also share aggregated or de-identified information, which cannot reasonably be used to identify you. Here’s just one example of how this could work: Because it’s not always clear whether a new friend request comes from someone you actually know, we may share whether you and the requestor have Feathercap friends in common without disclosing the usernames of those common friends.
The Services may also contain third-party links or be a co-branded or third-party-branded Service that’s being provided jointly with or by another company. By going to those links or by using a co-branded or third-party-branded Service, you may be providing personal information directly to the third party, us, or both. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information. As always, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of every third-party website or service that you visit or use, including those third parties you interact with through our Services.

Message Deletion

Delete is our default. That means that most messages sent through our Services will be automatically deleted once they have been viewed or have expired. But—and this is important—you should understand that users who see your messages can always save them, either by taking a screenshot or by using some other image-capture technology (whether that be software or even something as old-fashioned as a camera to take a photo of your device’s screen). If we’re able to detect that a recipient took a screenshot of a message you sent, we’ll try to notify you. But the same common sense that applies to the Internet at large applies to Feathercap as well: Don’t send messages that you wouldn’t want someone to save or share. In most cases, once we detect that all recipients have viewed a message, we automatically delete it from our servers. And again in most cases, the Services are programmed to delete the message from the recipients’ device as well. There are, however, several exceptions to this general rule:
    • Replay: Users with access to the Replay feature are—as the name suggests—able to replay a Learning Magazine additional times before it is deleted from their device.
    • My Story: If you add a Learning Magazine to your personal Story, other users will be able to view it for 24 hours.
    • Our Stories: Because Our Stories and other crowd-sourced Stories are inherently public and chronicle matters of public interest, we may archive them and allow them to be viewed again through Feathercap or other sources.
    • Chats: The Services are programmed to automatically delete a Chat after you and the recipient have seen it and swiped out of the Chat screen, unless either of you taps to save it. See the Help Center for more on Chats.
    • Feathercap: The Services are programmed to automatically delete a Feathercap message after you and the recipient have seen the message and swiped out of the Chat screen, unless either of you taps to save the message. But in case we ever need to follow up with you about a transaction (for instance, if money is refunded to you), our Services are programmed to retain for up to 10 days information regarding the recipient and sender, the transaction amount, and various timestamps (for example, the time the message was sent, received, and opened).
A few final words on deletion: We can’t guarantee that messages will be deleted within a specific timeframe. And even after we’ve deleted message data from our servers, that same data may remain in backup for a limited period of time. We also sometimes receive requests from law enforcement requiring us by law to suspend our ordinary server-deletion practices for specific information. Finally, of course, as with any digital information, there may be ways to access messages while still in temporary storage on recipients’ devices or, forensically, even after they are deleted.


We don’t direct our Services to anyone under 13. And that’s why we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13.